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               Watching Knots Landing and these two characters I'll never forget.  I fell in love with  Michelle Phillips (Anne) along with the seasons. I already loved Kathleen Noone (Claudia) from watching her years ago on a mother program.  Every episode I experienced with the acting and the writing of  these two scripts, are brilliant. You never knew what to expect when putting those two together.  
There's so much I loved about Knots Landing, and of course including writers and the way the each of them created their characters .

    With me loving the members of Knots Landing, I always enjoyed the villains.  Although Annie was not a true villain, but she always came very close.  The writers came up with ways to make her evil but to me it  came down to  feeling sorry for her because she'sPaige’s mother.
 I suppose the reason I felt so strong with Anne is she an Mack where still close, and the scenes between Karen and herself  were so well written, and of course well acted.

  The one moment I fell in love with Anne’s character even more, was when they had written her in to being homeless.
The way she had to crawl back to the top was brilliant. 
I’ll “NEVER” forget the scene where she goes in the mall  thrilled of getting a free make over. After starting on her, she gets thrown out.  I felt sad, but felt it was what she deserved after the things she had done.  She was such the b**ch, but still loveable.

  Claudia on the other hand, you never knew what to expect and who she was going to cause things deadly to happen to.   This lady played that role very well and very thought out.
 Her character was not like any other.  Others made things happen to mess up their lives, their marriages or make them loose a job.  Claudia seemed to be so far above all that, she’d do things that would cause you to be taken out.
I'll never forget the episode of Steve, her son that came to town.  She was determined to keep that huge secret to herself, and to get him out of her life, and her daughter’s life.  She didn't mean for him to get killed I don't think, but neither did she really care.
 Still I continue to build their page.  I hope you enjoy and may the things I add bring back wonderful memories as Knots Landing brought to me.  
                                                      Thank you.  JDK
"Why didn't you come after me 20 years ago?"
"We are your family."

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